Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekly Winners

September 14-20, 2008

Papa Duck painting Shorty McPrincess's toenails...he's so sweet.

Papa is seriously the best Papa....evah! Princess is living the high life!

The pain and suffering of pink eye.

A slow day in traffic, had to take a shot of the truck with all the flattened cardboard.

And.....we have clear eyes!

Shorty McMama's babies all lined up....taking naps.

Roller derby from date night last night.

The ref at roller derby...Mr. Tall kinda wondered about her "undies"...I'm thinking thong.....
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edbteach said...

I'm so glad that shorty is feeling better and that her eyes are clear!

I LOVE the pictures of Papa painting her toe nails. Sooo sweet!

Mishelle Lane said...

Glad her eye is better! The pedicure set is adorable. :D

Devoted Mama said...

The toenail painting ones are precious~whatta Dad ;) Glad her pink eye is gone & she's better! And LOL @ the babies lined up & napping!!