Friday, September 12, 2008

Kids Say the Funniest Things

So the funniest thing was said in my classroom today...first grade classroom....

the kids are writing books and i'm trying to listen to some of their books...i get to one particularly feisty young guy who tells me, "I wrote it in my language"....great I say, what does it say? He says, "hey you little bastard!".

Okay. Now I think I've fully experienced first grade.


And the pink eye continues on. Make it end.


LoriB said...

oh, I miss being at school this week. while on one hand i had to laugh at the child's candidness - the other hand makes me cringe to know that a 6 year old is hearing that! I am so impressed your class is already into book making. You ROCK!

Liane said...

Oh boy oh boy, the only thing funnier than your first graders is YOU! Sorry about the pink eye.

edbteach said...

Rolling with laughter here but I agree with lorib poor kid to hear that enough to repeat it!

I like the new blog background!