Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No Ooze...

I'm excited to say that Shorty McShort has been ooze free for a day. She woke up Monday with just the redness, like after a night of too much drinking...let's hope for clear white eyes (which I doubt will happen) this morning. If not, the pediatrician was talking about sending her to an opthamologist....i don't really wanna go down that road.

On a different note, I really must take some pics in my classroom to share. We finished our class promise yesterday and did some art to go with it...just too cute. Our wall story is in full swing and they're budding authors. I've never taught first grade before, but this is one group of smar-ties!!

I'm off to see a trainer tonight at LA Fitness...I met him on Saturday and he asked about my fitness goals...I was like, ummmm.....to just be healthy.....I wanted to say anything is better than this...lol. But I didn't. I'm afraid that I'm gonna be hurting on Wednesday....my quads already hurt. I actually used the stair master for 9 and a half minutes....I couldn't stay on any longer.

Wish me luck.