Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Jobs I've chronological order from first to number thirteen.

1. Baby sitter for two young neighbors. Brandi and Bryan. I think I made like a quarter an hour, but it was a great way to spend time. I even cleaned the house while there. Cute kids, I wonder what they're doing these days.

2. Paper stuffer for Tri-State Livestock News in Sturgis, South Dakota. What a messy job...grab a stack of newspapers hot off the press and then grab a stack of inserts and put the inserts in the paper and then "jog 'em down". (make 'em all pretty and neat) I remember having newspaper ink all the way up my arms to my elbows. Great first official job.

3. Baby sitter for a hot shot doctor at Fort Meade VA Hostpital. Yeah...Chevy Chase look-alike. Had a real bear rug with a big head. Had a jackalope too....crazy shit. Great house. Good times.

4.. Waitress at Molly B's in Sturgis, South Dakota. First job waiting tables. Real dive. Grease joint. Great learning opportunity. Bad tips. Shitty shift. Big money during one week of the year...if you know Sturgis, you know what I'm talking about.

5. Motel room cleaner in Sturgis. WORST JOB EVAH! Seriously people. If I was a single mom of ten kids and it was take this job again or let them and me all starve, I'd starve along with my kids. OMG, I can't even begin to explain how bad it was. Let me just mention a couple things...pubic hairs, puke and oh yeah, I HATE cleaning.

6. Slave in the periodicals section of the Black Hills State University Library. Seriously...this was work study, thank you federal government. But honestly, my boss, Becky was horrible. Librarians have a way of taking their jobs too seriously. She'd give me this stack of magazines like 10 feet tall and be upset that I wasn't thrilled to go shelve them. Duh!

7. Waitress at the Valley Cafe (now has a casino too i guess) in Spearfish, South Dakota. Meanest man-boss evah! His wife was ok, but man....Alan was a piece of work. Seriously. There are ways to get employees to do shit, and his just didn't work. I remember countless times he had me in tears. Ass. (but it helped pay for college and all the alcohol I drank then)

8. Long term sub teacher in Hot Springs, South Dakota. I lived with my mom for 6 months. Thanks mom, I'm sure I made you crazy. It was an ok gig, I learned a lot about teaching special education too. Thanks....I can't think of your name, but your hubs was a police officer for the highway patrol and you were really sweet :)

9. Special education teacher grades 6-12 at Bennett County Jr./Sr. High School in Martin, South Dakota. Wow, did those kids school me. Just off the reservation most of the kids lived in a government housing project. I drank a lot that year. Seriously. Thanks to the people who made it endurable. Mr. McEldowney (not sure if I spelled that correctly) and I can't remember your name but you were going to get divorced but then didn't but you were a lot of fun and also to my teaching partner Stacy who got me through that year. Sorry I ditched you after you got me on you bowling league and everything.

10. Waitress at some shitty steakhouse in Martin. How sad that a full time single teacher needed a second job to pay the bills. 'Nuff said.

11. Salad cook and prep cook extraordinaire at Pacific Way Cafe in Gearhart, Oregon. Yup...I wanted to be a waitress but I'd just cracked my humerus (night of drinking, fell and cracked it) so I couldn't carry trays. I made salads and dressings and croutons. Yummy place to work. OMG if you've not eaten there....go NOW! (summer job before my teaching job in Seaside started)

12. Special education teacher at Seaside Heights Elementary in Seaside, Oregon. I also taught second grade. I loved this school and miss it very much. I also miss the beach...a lot. I only moved to get married.....

13. Bagels by the Sea (it was in a different location when I worked there) in Seaside, Oregon. I made bagel sammies. It was an ok job. The perks were I got to take day old bagels home with me. It was also probably a bad thing that I took all those bagels home....great summer job.

13.1 Mo's at Cannon Beach....another summer job.
13.2 Teacher for Centennial School current it! Best school evah!

So there you have it. All of my jobs...oh shit!! I forgot to mention the summer job when I was like 16 and I worked at Glencoe Campground during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. OMG! Did I ever "learn" alot that week!!! And the summer I worked at Pig N Pancake in Seaside.

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Darla said...

I remember my very first babysitting job--a baby girl and her 4-year-old brother. The mom had said the boy could go to a certain friend's house to play, so we bundled up and set off through the snow... An hour later, we were back at the house, all three of us were crying, and I was calling my dad to come help me.

Turns out the friend the little boy WANTED to go play with lived several miles away--not that he actually knew how to get there.

Which is why you don't hire a 10-year-old babysitter.

Patsy said...

My first job was also babysitting, but I think I made $.50 an hour. I thought a I was rolling in the money that summer. I kept gas in the car and cruised the drag every night and was all of 14 years old. Great times in a girl's life. Thanks for bring back that memory. :)

Mama Mia! said...

Okay, so you have not only worked at one of my Oregon Coast favs (Pacific Way - mmmmmmmmm, their bread...), but TWO! I looooove Bagels by the sea! When they first moved I was beyond sad because I thought they had closed. It wasn't until last summer that I happened upon their new location - I was so happy that I did a little jig right there on the sidewalk!

Kurt & I went to "Yummy" on our anniversary this summer - the little wine bar on the main drag near 101. Have you been? Its really cute!