Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Joys of Motherhood

As if the sassy mouth, screaming and overall insubordination were not enough, now it's PINK eye has invaded not just one, but both of Shorty McShort's eyes. Grammy spent the day with her Monday, Mr. Tall spent the day with her at home yesterday and after missing two days last week just couldn't miss another, so here I am. Please God, let her eyes not ooze so she can go back to daycare tomorrow!!!

Home on a Wednesday. Feeling worried about my 20 little cherubs at school and the shenanigans they'll be trying out on the substitute. God bless her and please keep the little people safe today...

So Shorty and I've mixed up some zucchini bread (4 loaves) and just popped them in the oven. I'm thinking I'll make more granola and maybe a couple of other things today as well. We'll read some books and do some art too, I'm sure. She's already tired so I'm sure nap is in order as well. (no complaints from me!)

Until later....


Liane said...

I love the "overall insubordination" comment.... yep, don't you love children?

Sorry you were out of work for a day, and hope it is only one!

edbteach said...

OMG I feel sorry for you!

And, shorty! I had pink eye (IN BOTH EYES) a couple of years ago and it was horrible.

Hopefully she gets better soon!

edbteach said...

We are actually out of school for the next two days for Hurrican Ike. I live 45 miles west of Corpus Christi, TX which at one point, was right in the center of Ike's projected path.

Things are looking better for us now but it can all change in a heartbeat.

We just have to wait and see. We should have a good idea by tomorrow night if we are going to take a direct hit or just get some wind and rain.