Friday, September 5, 2008

Haiku Friday

first grade is brutal
god bless primary teachers
they work so so hard

my feet really hurt
my quadriceps are aching
i shall squat no more!

my head is aching
calgon take me away now
thank god it's friday!!!!!

bring on the vino
let me sleep in until eight
and then take a nap

So all in all, first grade is kicking my ass. Seriously. I thought third grade was's got NOTHING on first grade. I can't even imagine teaching kindergarten! If you have a child in kindergarten or first grade you SERIOUSLY need to take them a gift. Like flowers or a coffee or a gift card and more than anything, just tell them thank you!


maggie said...

That does sound like a tough job but one with some fun spots. In between the moments that make the muscles ache. Congrats on surviving the first week!

Mel said...

My mom did first grade for years before she retired (and second, and kindergarten) and my sister is going into Early Childhood Ed -- although I think she wants to teach third. As for me, today's my first day teaching preschool... should be fun!

mordecai said...

J – enjoyed your brave screed this a.m. in support of all the brave warriors out there, laboring to nurture knowledge, to convey vision and hope to your tiny charges, aspiring to nothing less than warming the sodding cockles of our wounded but divinely-anointed public school system.

You have my prayers and respect.

Laura@Storytellin' Mama said...

Yes- you teachers are so amazing- I applaud you as I have four rowdy kids coming down the pike- one in second now and one in kindergarten- two more to go!!

Hope you have a restful weekend!

cacklinrose said...

Oh yeah. It'll kick your butt!! Way to go, and thanks for all you do!

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Definitely a tough job. Thank you for doing it, great haiku.

Vixen said...

I could barely handle my own kids when they were 1st graders...I cannot imagine handling several of them at a time! You are brave and strong! Thank you!

Rachel said...

First grade is sooo hard!
God Bless you darlin'!
Kick up those feet, toss back some wine and enjoy your weekend.

My mom taught third for 30 years. 15 of those were third, and 5 were first. First is waaaaay harder :-)

Joyce said...

Hope you have a good, relaxing week end. I admire you greatly. I have it easy as merely a paraeducator. My best friend teaches first grade, though. I've witnessed how hard she works. :)