Thursday, January 1, 2009

Project 365 (or better known as my goal for 2009)

Happy New Year's People.
I used to make resolutions, but not anymore. I never follow them anyhow. So....I will make a goal...

A few of my CTMH friends and I are going to try this Project 365, inspired by Becky Higgins and Creating Keepsakes Magazine. The concept is that you are going to take a picture every day in 2009 and put it in an album and do a little journaling about the picture. Don't freak out thinking that you have 365 MORE pictures to scrapbook, you're not going to do that. Click here to see a sample layout.

Here's a link to Becky Higgin's Blog, a post where she explains the concept of Project 365. Here she explains the concept a bit more. Creating Keepsakes has a kit you can buy. Originally I was not going to purchase the kit, but use stuff I had. I'm thinking I'm gonna purchase this kit. It's under $40 so I can "justify it" I think. (plus it'll still be cheaper than me purchasing an album and page protectors, i'm just saying)

AND...I got myself this little gifty to make this project even easier! Yup, it's a photo printer. I soooooo spoil myself, don't I? And onto the next goal for the year....get back to living on a budget. Yes. We need to do this. Who knows how long Mr. Tall will have a job.
So, if all goes well. I'll post updates here on my Project 365 and what we'll call, "Operation: Budget 2009".