Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekly Winners

October 12-18, 2008

Sophie & Shorty McShort

Pumpkin Patch Lovin' McShort

A goat in a tree? Yup!

And on a house...Fun in the hay maze.

Pony ride...can we get a pony to have at our house?

That's a big pumpkin!

Birthday girl Ava. What fun to have a party at a pumpkin patch!

Sophie's tongue just cracks me up!

For home....oh the fun of gutting them!

For school...those lucky first graders!

Oh how Shorty loves pumpkins!

I can't even describe how good these were...we ate 'em so fast I didn't get a picture!

More Kitty Torture

I got my nails filled Saturday...went for something different....what do you think?
Black tips with a silver line.

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Liane said...

I like your nails! Mine have the red strip on them right now (under the white). It is fun do make them different!

Jenty said...

What massive pumpkins!

Sue said...

Love your nails! That's what I generally do for Chrimmus, red tips with a silver line.

ya ya's mom said...

thanks sue and liane for the feedback on my nails :) red with silver sounds fun too...i'm thinking maybe red/gold? polka dots some time would be fun too!!!

Vicky said...

Shorty hugging the pumpkin is my favorite.

Devoted Mama said...

McShorty ♥'s pumpkins is my fave~poor kitty ;)~& your nails look "spooktacular" (meaning great ;) ) ;)

katef said...

looks like you had a great day at the pumpkin patch... but um... a goat in a tree?? huh??

* TONYA * said...

How fun. You got some really wonderful shots. I still haven't managed to get to a pumpkin patch yet.

hip chick said...

It looks like you've been having some fun.

My Husband Calls Me Weird said...

I always have a goat up on my roof. Keeps life more interesting.


Lori said...

LOVE the pics!!! Wasn't that place so cool? I'm jealous you got apple fries. We didn't :(

You know who I saw at the pumpkin patch? Austin Rider's step dad! He was in line getting Apple pie fries, holding a baby!

Melynda said...

So why can't shorty have a pony? It would take away the sting of "Butterscotch" not being at Target anymore :)

And actually I have seen your backyard, I think there is room.....