Monday, October 6, 2008

My Baby Is Turning 4!

So in less than a week, my "baby" is going to be four years old. Seriously people...where did those four years go? It may sound cliche, but was like yesterday when Mr. Tall and I brought her home. Set her car seat on the floor and promptly asked each, "what do we do with her now?"

Obviously we figured out what to do with her. We got through her colicky stage, her "I don't wanna sleep at night stage", teething, transitioning to "real" food, crawling, walking and talking. I have to say that with each stage I've been ready to say goodbye to something that makes me crazy and welcome in the next stage.

Her current thing that drives me up a tree is just the sassy mouth. Honestly, I have absolutely no idea wherever she may have inherited it. (what?! me?! shut up!) But yeah, her latest game is to be a parrot. She'll just start and stop at odd times. I think she gets that it's an instant button for me. And she HATES it when we turn it on her. (if you're not familiar with parrot, it's when you repeat everything the other person says)

What I love about her current stage is her independence and love of learning. She's absolutely excited about all things new. She's finally (willing) able to play by herself for a while too. I love that....a lot! Her independence has been interesting too as of late. An example is the fingernail painting here. Just gotta love her ability to do things "all by herself".

I've been bad about scrapbooking lately and have not even really put many words down about what Shorty has been up to. With my poor memory I need to get on this or I will forget! So this week I'll attempt to get some thoughts down as she eeks closer to four years old.

I dedicate this week to Shorty McShort and will try to get some pics of her true baby stage up. We'll see. It's Monday and I'm already tired.

So I'll leave my readers reader with this question....How do you remember the moments with your children and not forget? How do you celebrate each birthday? Comment away. NOW! Go leave a me out here.....


LoriB said...

i am terrible at remembering "those" moments. i do not scrapbook or baby book. so i will have to rely on pictures to remember those moments as best i can. we did just start a journal with abbers but it is mostly just recording her words about something that has happened. we write in it together - but as most things it does not get done far enough.

as far as celebrating birthdays...i just do the usual kids party somehow and try to make it a theme based on something she is interested in. i have some princess ideas from a party we went to last week...if you are interested. And of course, we look for an indoor area that is big enough to house the family and a few friends because an outdoor party doesn't work on a february morn' in Oregon. :)

before long, little miss independent Shorty McShort will be in school! WoW.

Mama Mia! said...

I am a newbie to this whole parent thing, so I am of no help. I can say that I am going to turn my blog into a book ( instead of a baby book or scrap book since I have zero time or motivation to do either, but seem to do okay with the blog thing. I think its probably a matter of finding a way of documenting everything you want to remember in a way that works for you, know what I mean?

Maw Books said...

I remember when we brought our first home and set him on the floor and asked ourselves the same thing, "What now?" I'm awful at the whole preserve memories thing. Just take lots of pictures and videos.