Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Haiku Friday!!!

i am so tired
waking is so difficult
not enough sleep time

could it be because
i stayed up past ten-thirty? pathetic

summer break get here
13 more days of school
2 are field trips YAH!

i can make it there
positive self talk will help
yes i can! oh yes!

Ok, after reading this go show some blogger love to Jen at Playgroups are No Place for Children and check out all the other Haikus that are MUCH better than mine.

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Anonymous said...

the inability to stay up late is how i know i'm getting old! 10:30 pm, that's crazy late!

jennifer said...

I stayed up until 10:30 last night, too and am paying for it today! Ah, the joys of getting OLD.

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon we're going to be those people who unplug the phone at 9 and settle in to watch that nice Storm Mann tell us about the weather before we fall asleep in our chairs.

the planet of janet said...

my bedtime gets earlier and earlier and earlier ...


Mom24 said...

I absolutely cannot wait until summer! Yeah! We have 10 more school days. We will definitely have fun getting away from our structured routine.

Completely empathizing with the inability to stay up late thing!

Anonymous said...

Once again I'm lovin' your haiku! Isn't it amazing how parenthood kills the night-owl in all of us? I gave up my late-night playtime in exchange for a early morning shower! Hang in there!

-Lauren @ Supermom Central

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