Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crazy Times

What can I say, these are crazy times in the life of a teacher. Anyone who is a teacher, lives with a teacher or spends any amount of time at all near a teacher knows that the last couple weeks of school are, quite literally, crazy times. It's not enough that there are at least ten million things on the check off list to cards, cum files, end of the year assessments, filing papers up the yang, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. And as if that is all not enough you need to mix it with a VERY LARGE dose of extra "kid energy" in the air. It's fairly comparable to a three ring circus. Then, stir in moving to a new room and new grade level for the next year and you've got....super duper crazy times with an overwhelmed ring leader teacher.

I'm quite literally so overwhelmed just thinking about everything I have to do I am paralyzed. I think I have ADD and just need some good medication to deal with this state. I'll have to talk it over with my counselor tomorrow. I'm sure she'll have some good advice or will at least make me think about why I'm feeling this way. Then I'll say, I'm paying YOU to, I won't say that but will wish I could.

Enough complaining. I should be celebrating. I have a date for wine drinking with my good pal Jen. My good pal Jen deserted abandoned left me birthed a beautiful baby girl and decided to be a full time mom (like you're not a full time mom if you also work) for the rest of the school year. She's been out for what seems like forever and we've talked about me coming to have a glass of wine or two or three at her house, but I'm a disabled ADD inflicted busy girl who just never seems to quite get to her house. we had a nice chat after a co worker's baby shower and made a date for wine drinking. I'm stoked. I even wrote it into my plan book...which (in theory) means I'll get away ON TIME and to her house ON TIME. Wish me luck!

Other news....ummm....camping last weekend was wet, but fun. Why no pictures you ask? We took the camera....turned it on to take a picture, took the picture and then the battery promptly DIED. Argh....that seems to happen constantly. You'd think we'd learn. Mr. Tall Man took some pics with his phone and assures me he'll send them to me soon. Then I'll post the best camping treat EVER created....but it shall remain top secret until I have pictures to share with it.

Speaking of eating....that is all I've done lately. I'm so not wanting to even get on the scale tomorrow for our weekly biggest loser weigh in at work. I'm thinking I'll just lie and say the weight I was last week. Seriously, I'm AFRAID to get on the scale....I'm thinking between treats in the lounge today, camping all weekend and the baby shower treats after school I'm up at least 7 pounds. I've gotta get back to the gym.....or at least on my treadmill....