Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day?

It's a pity party for's Mother's Day and there's no love for the least not from the person I want it from. I got a text message from my mother in law wishing me a happy mother's day, how thoughtful of her. I also got an e-mail card from my sissy, which was very sweet and thoughtful too. My daughter even made me a cute frame at daycare. But nothing from the call...he's off at boys' weekend. Such is life, right? Guess I should just pull up my pants and choose happiness. I guess I will...the short person and I shall go find something fun to do. Wish us luck!

And, Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers who may not have gotten the recognition you so deserve!!!


Liane said...

LOL Well, you aren't HIS mother. He probably called her. LOL I haven't heard from my DH either. @@ Oh well. Did you call your mom? Headache got worse after we talked. Slept slept slept and I am finally better... not totally gone but better. What a PITA, so much for spending the day scrabooking and stamping!

Joyce said...

Happy Mothers Day to you anyhow! Yep; choose to be happy. :)