Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snarky Rant

Ok, so last week I got home and checked the mail to discover a free sample. OK, if you know me, you know I LOVE free samples and good deals. So the best part about this sample is that I got two of them. Guess the mailing system screwed up and sent me two. I don't care, it's double goodies. So the sample is from Tampax and inside of the outer box are these two boxes:
Ok, here is my snark....the red box says, "Mother Nature's Monthly Gift". WTF? Give me a freaking break. I get NO monthly gift from mother nature. I get a visitor that is nothing but a pain in the ass. Tampax, thanks for the goodies (there was a free coupon for a box of pads inside and good coupons) but seriously? You MUST change this box. This is ABSOLUTELY no gift that women around the world get each month. The only time it's a gift is when you've been having unprotected sex and are hoping you're not pregnant.

End. Of. Story.


Mama Mia! said...

yeah. in totally agreement here.

Mama Mia! said...

"in TOTALLY agreement here"??? wtf is wrong with me?? you know what i mean. take some more benadryl jennifer...