Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birthday Dinner Goodness

Ok, so here is a shot of my chocolate chip banana pancakes and coffee. All compliments of my dear hubs. Thanks baby!
After breakfast Artist McShort made me another birthday picture. This is a turtle with long hair. It's a girl turtle...duh!
So then I headed to the Portland Expo Center to help my fabulous friend Liane with her booth at a stamping craft show. Upon arrival she presented me with a flashing "birthday princess" button and a pink fluffy tiara. Thanks friend. And evidently the pictures of me in it are ALL on Liane's camera. Oops....

After the show we headed to BJ's for dinner with our hubbies.

Both Mike and Mr. Tall had a seven glass, huh? Yeah yeah I know there are only 6, but he'd already drank one by the time I took a pic....

Here is my yummy drink and Liane with her porter in the background. Cute, huh?

Awwww, aren't they sweet? They just had their 20th anniversary. Happy anniversary!

Liane's dinner.

This is Liane's husband, Mike. He's a great big cheeseball. Can you tell? This is his dinner. He also tipped his empty sampler glasses upside down like they were some kind of shot glass...yeah...he ruined my birthday card :(
Mr. Tall's dinner. And did I mention he brought me flowers?

My dinner. Possibly the BEST DINNAH EVAH! Seriously was killer! And, I have half of it for tomorrow.

My birthday pazookie! Mmmmmm.....I couldn't wait to eat it before taking a picture.
And then I stopped at Target and got some serious bargains. SERIOUS. Came home to some more birthday cards too. What a nice birthday.


Sue said...

Looks like a great day all around.

Melynda said...

YUM, YUM and more YUM!

Mama Mia! said...

pizookies ROCK!

so glad you had a most excellent bday!!