Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Birhday Thanks

Ok, so I have more birthday thanks to spread.

These are two friends from my book club. Kristin and Shari. Shari brought this mug to book club on Monday night and had everyone sign it. Way too thoughtful! Thanks girly! I LOVE my new mug!
Card from my Mom and she also tucked in a gift card for JC Penny's. I can't wait to go shop!!!

Card from my friend Jen. LOVE IT!

This is the card from Mr. Tall...the card that Mike ruined with beer. :(

This is from my twinny....the one that also sent a 35 balloon bouquet...she also tucked a Starbuck's gift card inside. She spoils me so!!!

This is a card from good friend Sharon. What a sweetie!! She never forgets a birthday or anniversary. She's the best!

The flowers from Mr. Tall. Very thoughtful!

The last ice cream cupcake. I ate it. I had every right to. We got a mixed pack of 6. OMG...soooooo yummy!!!!
I'm sad that my birthday fun is about over. We'll be celebrating it at Sunday Cafe, which will be a wonderful time. I also want to get my nose pierced to celebrate joining "Club 35". We'll see.

So...thanks everyone for making me feel so special!