Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday To ME!!! (and my twin)

So today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me! I've already celebrated with my hubs and shorty person (last night) over pizza and ice cream cupcakes. I've received goodies in the mail too. I thought I'd share them with my readers reader.Although I am NOT the fiend Sue gets to have that title...I'd rather be a princess anyway...
Speaking of Sue...she's so is what she sent to me:
And then there are the cards that I've received in the mail:

This is the front of the card that Artist McShort made me...she said I thought there would be balloons for your birthday (and she was right).

Here is the inside, a picture of me. She said she drew this because I'm so beautiful and I have long hair because I'm a girl.
And the 35-balloon salute from my twin...oh that is the cat. Whenever I get on the floor to take a picture she gets in the way. Silly cat.

Here are the balloons. Thankfully my good friend Jen had an empty car so she could bring 'em home for me. My car was full of shorty mc short and the guinea pigs. And then there is this......
my early birthday present from hubs, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE and am glad he didn't make me wait for today to have it :) Love ya!!!

And I wish I could say I'm going to the spa today for pampering, but I'm not. I'm headed to a stamping craft show to work my good friend Liane's booth. If she knows what is good for her, she'll show up with a mocha for me and not work me too hard today.

I also need to send out birthday wishes to my womb mate. Yes, as many of you know I have a twin. Not an identical arch enemy, but a lesser evil fraternal version twin. She is a silly girl who lives all the way out in Savanna, Georgia. I am sending her something on Monday to where she works. No 35 balloon salute, but something sweet, nonetheless. I don't think she actually reads my blog, but I'm not gonna chance her finding out what I'm sending by telling what it is. So, happy birthday to me and my twinny!!!

this is a pic of us a couple years ago with shorty mc short

And now I must run, Mr. Tall Man is up and offering to make me breakfast. He's already put the coffee on. See why I married him?!


Sue said...

Happy Birthday Princess!

Chris said...

Happy, happy birfday!

Melynda said...

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you.
happy birthday dear Janelle
happy birthday to you!

short person
grammy and duck

Christa said...

Happy birthday! The card your daughter made is adorable!

Nothing Too Fancy... said...

Happy Birthday, Doll Face! I'm in Savannah, GA- so I'm thinking of your sister also!