Friday, January 2, 2009

My Last Day of Vacation and Check out My New Widget

Ok, so I am mourning that today is the end of my winter vacation. Waaaaaaahhhhh! Can you hear me crying? The saddest part is that I've not even touched all the stuff I brought home to work on. Yikes...I'm guessing I'll get on it some time around Sunday night.

I've really enjoyed this break. A. Lot. Like sleeping until 7:30. I know it sounds early, but my usual wake time is 5:20. I'm dreading trying to drag my tired bottom outta bed so early. Oh my. Maybe I should go to bed early tonight.

Oh and did you see the fortune cookie widget I put up? Yeah. Click on it. You get your fortune. I think it's fun. (and if you're reading via a reader, know that my music is least for a bit) Yes, Sue & Lea, I can see you dancing the happy dance. Be warned that the music could come back at any time.

Ok, I'm off to enjoy the last official day of vacation. We'll see what today brings.


Mama Mia! said...

I don't wanna go back to work...wwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! Why is it that even having nearly THREE weeks off, I still want more? Maybe its because we were snowed in for the first 2 weeks??

edbteach said...

I could have written this post!

I went to my room today and only worked for an hour. Cleaned out my closet - moved my personal stuff to a holding room until the principal and I decide where I am going to be.

I did get my scrapbook table organized yesterday. I'm hoping to do a post on it soon.

Sue said...

happy dancing to NO MUSIC!!!

Lea said...

Sue, can I cut in on that dance????