Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New President

Well it's almost 2am and I just finished typing sub plans for tomorrow today. Shorty McCough Cough is sick and not improving. This is the first night she's not sleeping well. So, I've called for a sub, written plans and called the secretary at school. God bless the sub who will go into my room today....and the tornado of a mess that it is. Such is life, right?

Anyhow. In case you missed President Obama being sworn in, or just wanna see it again, here you go.
We watched it at school today and I got a little eyes began to water. What a moment. I told the first graders that this was a special day in history and they'd remember it as the day they were in first grade with Me. Those lucky kids.

So have a good day. I'll be doling out cough medicine, kleenex and hot tea.


Sue said...

Poor Shorty. Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

I was very glad I was in my own abode with my foot up while watching the Inauguration ceremonies. I was grabbing for the tissues on more than one occasion!A historic day indeed!