Monday, March 31, 2008

Cave Man or Normal?

So tonight at dinner we were having a nice teriyaki pork loin dinner when I look across the table to discover a caveman my husband cutting his meat with his knife wrapped inside his fist. I looked at him and gave him a sweet look and then glanced at his fist and smiled. He kind of groaned and stopped fisting his fork (he knew exactly why I was looking at him the way I was).

This is what it looks like when he cuts anything.

So maybe i should give you some background. The whole fisting the fork while cutting anything is taboo with me. I think maybe my mom drilled it into me that this is just not using good manners. So we've talked about it at dinner (in a really nice way) in the past and how I just am trying to help him improve his manners and that it's because I love him. I'm thinking it could also be due to some of my OCD or control issues in general.

Anyhow, as we were eating he kept doing this and I mentioned how maybe I should just make it a blog entry and ask all of you for your opinions. Thus, today's entry. I also thought I'd do some of my own "research". Yes, I Googled it. (is there any other way to do research these days?)

The "correct" way to hold the fork and knife, according to Eating Etiquette.

Chef Albrich says this about the Proper Use of Knife, Fork, and Spoon: The rules that specify how knife, fork, and spoon must be used have evolved along with the forms of the utensils themselves. In general, these rules are explicitly intended to prevent the utensils from appearing threatening. Consequently, flatware is held delicately, carefully balanced on the prescribed fingers and guided by the fingertips. To hold any utensil in a fist, or to manipulate it in such a way that is pointed at anyone would hint at potential danger, as would even setting it down in an inappropriate way.

So what I want to know is....Is my husband the only fister out there? Can he be broken of this? Is there hope?

Thanks and Happy Monday to you all!


My Husband Calls Me Weird said...

Nope, doesn't phase me in the least how people hold their silverware. Chewing with one's mouth open on the other hand.............


Jen said...

Is it me, or are the hands in the "Eating Etiquette" photos really greasy & shiny?