Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Light Hearted Look at Motherhood

Ok. This woman seriously cracks me up!!! Enjoy the video clip, I know I did. Enjoy your Wednesday. We're headed off to play at park and then I need to clean up my kitchen. After making these for breakfast using the jam we made yesterday, my kitchen needs some SERIOUS attention. And the muffins TOTALLY ROCK!!! Go make some jam and then make the muffins. The only bad part is you'll want to eat like six muffins and then you'll feel bad. (not that i did that...)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Anita Renfroe & have seen her do this song live at Women of Faith conference 2 years ago. I also have 2 books she has written if you are interested "If you can't lose it, Decorate it" & "If it's not one thing, it's your mother". Great reads.

Sue said...

Anita was our entertainer at the final night of CTMH Convention last year. Laughed my you know what off! Bought all 5 of her video's! Laugh til I cry watching them.

Melynda said...

I have heard this before, priceless is all I can say.