Friday, May 22, 2009

Haiku Friday

Oh so so tired.
awake at three in the morn.
whimpering child.

cannot fall asleep
despite complete exhaustion
is this part of age?!

Yeah, so what the hell is this all about?! This is NOT the first time this has happened or I'd probably just take it all in stride. Whenever, and I'm saying 99% of the time I wake up after 3am I cannot fall back asleep. Then just about 5:00 (close to alarm time) I am ready to sleep. This is too much for me. I am a girl that needs her sleep.

Shorty is fine, she was just doing some whimpering in her sleep and Mr. Tall got up to check on her, but I cannot help but we awakened by this activity. So now I find myself on the couch. I was reading. Then I turned off the light and laid down on the couch. No. Sleep. Came. So what is a girl to do but blog it?

So today I am headed to an elementary school in Portland that has been teaching k/1 blended classrooms for many years. I am going to learn as much as I can and to ask good questions. Because yes my friends, Janelle is teaching a k/1 blend next year. As if moving to first grade wasn't a big enough change for this year she is doing it again. Two years of big changes. I love education and cannot image working a boring job where everyday is the same. And I cannot yet completely visualize what next year will be of thinking to do, questions to ask and organizing in my head.

I'm sure that will help me sleep, right?!

Happy Friday to you. For more haiku click here.


Melynda said...

Yep about half an hour before the alarm is set to go off, sleep comes around again. After about 20 years of this I think I have a reason. When we need to get up, we no longer worry if we can get back to sleep.