Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter and a Fruit Side

Hello and Happy Easter!! Don't chap my hide too much, I know I said I'd be around more often, but yeah, I get that I'm NOT. You really don't need to mention it. So...on to Easter. We have already had a very nice brunch at Grammy's house and will soon be headed to good friend's house for early dinner/late lunch. Here are a few pics for your viewing enjoyment.

April 5-12, 2000

Easter Morning....Suprised McShort LOVES to pose these days.
Bunny McShort and Papa collecting eggs.

My lurvely fruit side for Easter dinner at our friend's house.

Egg Hunting McShort and her friend Allie

Shorty McShort and her lovely Auntie Jessica

Egg Dying Partners in Crime
My Purty Tulips

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Daisy said...

I love the fruit! Awesome idea! And your little girl is adorable. Happy Easter.
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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love the fruit. I also love your daughter's expression in the first shot.

LoriB said...

Love the pictures. Olivia's expressions are so funny! The fruit salad is very festive and it reminds me that summer is coming!!!!

Christa said...

You got some great shots! I'm glad you had a fun Easter, and I love the fruit salad.